Sunshine Hillygus

Research Affiliate - Policy

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Duke University

D. Sunshine Hillygus is professor of political science and public policy and director of the Initiative on Survey Methodology at Duke University. Professor Hillygus has published widely on the topics of American political behavior, campaigns and elections, public opinion, survey methods, and information technology and politics. She is co-author of Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Actions (Cambridge University Press, 2020), The Persuadable Voter: Wedge Issues in Political Campaigns (Princeton University Press, 2008), and The Hard Count: The Social and Political Challenges of the 2000 Census (Russell Sage Foundation, 2006). She is associate PI of the 2020 American National Election Study, associate editor of Political Analysis, and formerly served on the Scientific Advisory Committee for the U.S. Census Bureau. She holds a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford University.