Skylar McVicar

Data Collector

Skylar McVicar is a C2i Data Collector. She is a Political Science, Ethics, and Religion Interdisciplinary Studies Major on the Prelaw track from Los Angeles, CA. In addition to working for C2i as a Data Collector, she also tutors peers as a Writing Center Consultant. At school, Skylar is an energetic tour guide, a member of both the Honor Council and Warner Hall Eating House, Vice President of the Jewish Student Union, and a Chidsey Leadership Fellow. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering with Continuing the Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance dogs and support to veterans with PTSD. For leisure, Skylar listens to music, reads in her hammock, discovers new running routes, and indulges her inner foodie by Yelp-ing popular restaurants.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA