Sarah McIlroy

Research Affiliate

Lecturer in Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University

Sarah McIlroy completed her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy at Vanderbilt Peabody College in 2021. She’s a Double ‘Dore, having completed her M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling at Peabody in 2016. Before returning to Vanderbilt in a faculty role, Sarah spent a decade as a teacher and counselor, focusing her work on strategic change within schools. While teaching high school math and science, she worked on district-wide curriculum and assessment development. As a school counselor, she evaluated school-wide processes and programs and provided recommendations for school improvement, particularly gearing her efforts toward increasing student wellbeing and success

Sarah’s primary practice and research objectives are related to equitable curriculum and program development, assessment and evaluation for school improvement, and effective coaching for growth and development.