Madeline Buitendorp

C2i Alumni - Director of Communications

Madeline was the Director of Communications for the College Crisis Initiative at Davidson College and graduated in the class of 2022. She is majored in Political Science and built an unofficial concentration in Policy Studies and Educational Studies. While on the C2i team, Madeline co-authored the paper “Tracking Campus Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic” with fellow C2i colleagues. At Davidson, Madeline was the President of Davidson College Democrats, the Vice-President of Davidson College’s Center for Political Engagement, and an intern for the nonpartisan nonprofit organization “Rock the Vote.” Additionally, she frequently volunteered at Davidson’s Office of Admissions, Lula Bell’s Resource Center, and Precinct 206 Democrats. She was a Fellow with the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative and was selected as one of two William Holt Terry Fellows for the Class of 2022. According to Madeline, she enjoys running half marathons almost as much as she enjoys running C2i’s communication team.

Madeline currently serves as a Strategy Associate at the Penta Group in D.C.