Johnny Uelmen

Research Affiliate - Health Sciences

Epidemiology Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health

I am primarily interested in Infectious Diseases and One Health (the nexus of human, animal, and environmental health), Eco-epidemiology, GIS and Spatial Epidemiology. Currently, I am working with Dr. Emily Martin evaluating the efficacy of vaccines among COVID and Influenza study cohorts in Michigan.

Infectious diseases are fascinating. The resiliency of pathogens never ceases to amaze me. To begin to understand how pathogens survive (and thrive) in a given disease system, techniques and methods across multiple scientific disciplines must come together. I am an Epidemiologist at the core, but my background includes Ecology, Entomology, Geography (and GIS), Environmental Studies, and Biology. I work best collaborating with members not just in Public Health and Epidemiology, but also in Chemistry, Physics, Veterinary Medicine, and Informatics, to name a few!