Emily Rounds

Co-Director of Operations

Senior Hispanic Studies Major, Davidson College

Emily Rounds is a Co-Chief of Operations for the College Crisis Initiative. She is a senior Hispanic Studies major at Davidson College who intends to pursue a career in the field of Higher Education after graduation. Emily’s interest in Higher Education began through her studies in Dr. Marsicano’s education courses and a combination of work at the Davidson’s Office of Admission, as a Tour Guide and Tour Guide Mentor, and in her current role as a Senior Admissions Fellow. She has conducted Psychology research studying the population of students in Higher Education and had her piece, “The Impact of Fitspiration Content on Body Satisfaction and Negative Mood,” published in the Psychology of Popular Media journal. When not organizing data collections and developing partnerships with external sources, Emily spends her time as the President of Rusk Eating House, Chair of the Senior Class gift, a Spanish Apprentice Teacher, and a Spanish Writing Tutor. Despite her busy schedule, Emily is thrilled to have been on the C2i team and has had incredible experiences, such as working with NPR to create a comprehensive testing data article and database, and continues contributing to the field of Higher Education.