Emily Rankin

C2i Alumni - Data Collector

Emily Rankin graduated from Davidson College in 2022 with a BS in Biology. Emily was a Data Collector with C2i. She was on the pre-veterinary track at Davidson College majoring in Biology and minoring in Health and Human Values with interests in public health and music. With her passion for public health, Emily was the Campus Leader of the ONE organization, an organization working to eradicate preventable disease and extreme poverty by 2030 through participation in meetings with congressional offices. Additionally, Emily worked as a Technology and Innovation Student Consultant, a Gig Hub Consultant for the Hurt Hub at Davidson College, and was a member of the Rusk Eating House. Emily enjoys many hobbies like sewing, piano, and ukulele, but her heart will always be with the animals of the community.

Emily currently works as a medical scribe with Internal Medicine Associates.

  • Greenville, SC